Immocity Luxembourg is an independent real estate office specialised in the residential & commercial sector.

A team of professionals specialised in their own area of interest offering a full pallet of exquisite & outstanding tailored services. Immocity Luxembourg is striving for a daily human and reliable approach to business. Excellence, commitment and discretion are key qualities this office pursues for our premium international clientele.

We always put our client’s best interest first, this is what Immocity is really about – Andrea Murgia

Meet our team

Andrea Murgia
Managing Director

Holding a BA in economics in London with a Master in Buying in the fashion industry. A first enriching experience in a luxury conciergerie in London then back to his familiar route where he decided for a new challenge starting in 2012. On a daily basis Andrea manages a team of professionals of the sector and thrills himself in developing real estate projects.

Specialisations: property investments, property management, projects development.

Natacha Faraut
Lettings & Interior design

Holding a degree in interior design after studying in Nice, Natacha developed her skills in Paris, London and, since the end of 2016 in Luxembourg, where she discovered a passion for the real estate sector and undertook her diplomas in 2018.

In charge of the Lettings within our office, Natacha also creates bespoke interior design plans for our customers.

Specialisations: property lettings &  interior design.

Romain Klein
Sales Manager

Following a BA in economics and international business in Nancy and a diploma from the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Romain began his career in the real estate sector in 2012.

After a first experience in 2012 within a Luxembourgish classic real estate agency, Romain joined Immocity in 2015. Initially worked in the rental sector, since 2016 Romain is in charge of sales for the office.

Specialisations: off plan sales & sale existing property.

Marie Ansay
Property Manager & Lettings

Graduated in marketing in Paris, Marie started her e-commerce career at the AccordHotel group in Bruxelles.In 2017 she moved to Luxembourg where she undertook the administrative & marketing role for the Immocity’s office.

Her interest in the property market resulted in the achievement of the real estate professional certificates in 2018. Today Marie is in charge of property management role within the office.

Specialisations: property management & lettings.

Philippe Boulard
Senior Consultant

Graduated in french & history Philippe is self-taught man in the field of construction.

For more than 35 years the professional worked in multiple fields of the construction sector: advisor, commercial director & real estate developer.

Nowadays Philippe is Consulting for Immocity and in charge of off-plan sales for the office.

Specialisations: off plan sales & real estate development.

Join us

Our office in aconstantly searching for exellence.

If you have the skills and experience required in a specific domain of the real estate market

you are  more than welcome to contact us and present yourself.

Please send us your CV.


Very well done! That was quick and efficient and even more importantly at the price which is correct!

by A.Y

Grade « excellent » for competences, efficiency and kindness. Thank you Andrea & Immocity.

by H.L. & G.L.

C’est grâce à votre travail excellent que nous avons réussi à clôturer tout dans des temps extraordinairement vite! Je suis très contente.

by V.R.

Approfitto di questa opportunità per ringraziarvi da parte di mia moglie ed io per l’aiuto fornito nel processo di vendita del nostro appartamento a Lux.

by L.R.

Heureux d’avoir trouvé Immocity dans notre cité. Son personnel compétant et sympathique en sont sa plus belle signature.

by C.L.

Très grand merci pour ton aide et ton expertise!

by V. & R.

Vous recherchez un bien de qualité, bien situé, à louer ou à vendre? Vous avez poussé la bonne porte! Mon expérience me permet de le dire… et de l’écrire. Ici c’est une équipe dynamique, sympathique, disponible et professionnelle qui vous accueille. Essayez pour voir! Un client parmi tant d’autres.

by J-M H.

Que de bonnes nouvelles ! Si chacun s'occupait des choses comme vous, le monde serait meilleur ! Nous vous remercions infinement pour tout ce que vous faites.

by K.B