What is Home Staging and how to do it?

What is Home Staging and how to do it?

Everyone talks about it, but what is this new concept that has been developing so much in recent years?

Home Staging” also called “property valuation” is a technique for enhancing the value of a property with the minimum cost so that it sells faster and at a better price. The main idea of Home Staging is to depersonalize a property in order to make it neutral.

Why? To make it easier for potential buyers to plan ahead and, ideally, to make them fall in love with the property and thus make a quicker purchase decision.
How? Home Staging will focus mainly on 3 areas: interior design, furniture, decorative details.

Be careful however, the goal of Home Staging is not to redo a decoration to his taste but to try to please the greatest number and especially future buyers.

Interior decoration

You must start by repairing the elements that are damaged, gluing back the papers that come off the walls and so on. Generally, these defects devalue a property. Then, it is necessary to avoid letting cables hang, there is a large choice of inexpensive and aesthetic lighting fixtures on the market.

Last but not least, the paint should be freshened where necessary. It is essential to choose a neutral color palette so that the whole property is brighter and warmer.

It is ideally recommended to choose a set of light colors, which will enhance the volumes and bring in the light. Choosing a few colors helps to keep the overall harmony.

The furniture

The aim is not to spend money on new furniture, but to use existing furniture. How do we do that? By removing, moving and/or modernizing it.

The main thing is to de-clutter the rooms. The more furniture there is in the room, the less you realize how much space is available. By reducing the number of pieces of furniture, the rooms will appear larger and it will be easier for potential buyers to visualize the space with their own furniture. This will encourage circulation in the space, which will give the impression of more space available.

Another trick is to customize old fashioned furniture by painting it, changing the handles or whatever, for a more neutral and modern effect.

Attention to detail

To rent or sell a property easily, there are mistakes not to be made! It is essential to remember to remove all family photos, children, pets; it is also preferable to remove any religious signs that may be ostentatious.

On the other hand, some warmer touches such as curtains, carpets, cushions, plaids and others, but also some paintings or design objects, perfumed candles or a bouquet of flowers are small additions that are strongly recommended. Visitors will be seduced and this will make it possible to distinguish the good from the others which are on sale at the same time on the market. Potential buyers will more easily recall the property where they felt so good.

Now that the principle is clear, all that remains is to call in a professional. The cost of the process will be minimal and will allow you to sell at a better price and more quickly.

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